At Auron Technologies we publish high quality internet quizzes or "memes". Our aim with these quizzes is to not simply be entertaining, but to also provoke thought on the subject of the quiz, and inspire some degree (however large or small) of learning.

We attempt, even when dealing with a hypothetical or fictional subject to make our quizzes relatively close to the real world. This means that our quizzes take quite some time to create. We hope you enjoy these quizzes, they are each the product of many hours of work.

Our first creation, How Many of Me examines the commonness or uncommonness of names. It creates an estimate based upon census data and current population figures of how many people have a particular name. Ener your name, your friend's name, a celebrity's name, or any other name and find out how popular (or unpoplar) that name is.

Our second creation, Apocaluck, is far more complicated than our first. This site, two years in the making, attempts to answer the question "what would happen in a nuclear war?" By entering a city, county, or zip code you can find out how your (or other) areas would fare in our simulated nuclear war.